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RE: Two tramp questions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Two tramp questions
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 13:53:27 -0700

> >> > I use tramp to edit remote or root files. Although I've read
> >> > tramp works well with ido-mode I don't understand it. If ido (or
> >> > icicles) is enabled the moment I start typing '/ssh:...'  into
> >> > the the minibuffer a tramp process is started and dies right
> >> > away.
> >>
> >> This is why I started using iswitchb mode instead.  The processes
> >> wouldn't die, on the other hand they would be going and tie up the
> >> entire Emacs session.  That was worse ;)  iswitchb-mode works really
> >> well: it does not enforce completion in situations like this, only on
> >> buffers.  I found the file-finding of icicles and ido-mode to just
> >> slow me down.
> >
> > In response to a specific bug report, the Tramp developer
> > (Michael Albinus) and I recently worked on making Tramp and
> > Icicles play well together. Ido also has a good deal of code
> > that tries to make it get along well with Tramp.
> >
> > It is always better to report a specific bug than to ignore a
> > problem you encounter. Even if you don't really care whether
> > something works, others might benefit from reporting the
> > problem. Please try the latest version of
> > Icicles and let me know if you encounter a problem with Tramp. Thx.
> I installed the latest version and it works fine. Great!

Good to hear; thanks for reporting back.

Tramp, Icicles, Ido, etc. are non-trivial. The developers rely on bug
reports to know about problems that arise. Don't hesitate to report things
that don't seem to work well.

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