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Re: image-dired shows images as text

From: Allan
Subject: Re: image-dired shows images as text
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 00:28:34 -0600
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Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

>  > I installed ImageMagick 6.3.7 and configured it with the image-dired
>  > customization window along with the thumbs customization window but still
>  > cannot display thumbnails. I always get the error message "could not create
>  > thumb for ....". There may be something else missing in the image-dired
>  > configuration besides what you mention here. I have put the full path name
>  > of ImageDirect-6.3.7-Q8 for the image-dired thumb creation programs.
> You don't say what system you are using (M-x emacs-version, or better still 
> use
> M-x report-emacs-bug) but there are two thumbnail modes in Emacs that use the
> convert program from ImageMagick.  The other is thumbs.el.  What happens in
> Dired if you mark several image files and do thumbs-dired-show-marked?
> -- 
> Nick                                 
I am using Emacs 22.1 on Windows XP like the OP. When I type M-x 
thumbs-dired-show-marked I just get empty squares displayed four rows wide. I 
marked six images and I got one row of four squares and a second row of two 
squares, all blank. I have tried M-x thumbs before and got similar results 
(namely, a block of sixteen empty boxes). I have also added the ImageMagick 
directory to the exec-path variable via a customization window, but 
unfortunately it did not help.
Thanks for your attention.


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