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Re: Changing default dvi viewer.

From: David
Subject: Re: Changing default dvi viewer.
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 18:07:45 +0100
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> Use emacsclient! It needs that you first run server-start (can be  
> part of ~/.emacs). Up-to-date emacsclient has many options. Be sure  
> to check them (for example making it not wait for the server)! You  
> know manual-entry?

Once again Peter that's great. My .emacs_bash now contains

## An initialisation file just for bash inside emacs. 
## See also ~/.bashrc

export TEXDOCVIEW_txt="emacsclient %s"

function vs                                                                    
texdoc -v $PWD/$1 &

You guys (Pete and Thierry) helped me a lot today, really thanks a
lot!! It's nearly the weekend so I'm gonna give you guys a break now!!
Enjoy your weekend, and again, many thanks!


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