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Re: textmate like fuzzy matching file completion?

From: ve macs
Subject: Re: textmate like fuzzy matching file completion?
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 02:50:36 -0800
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ido-enable-flex-matching is great. However, it does not seem to match filenames in "projects". Is there such a functionality in ido-mode or in some other mode?

To be more clear about the functionality I'm talking about, suppose you have a project rooted in the "project" directory:

+--- subdir1/
|           |
|           blah.txt
|--- subdir2/
|           |
|           blah.txt
|--- subdir3/

In textmate, if you are currently working with a file in any directory in the project, matches will occur on any file in that project. So if you are currently working on the blah.txt file in subdir1/, typing in 'blah' will bring up as choices the blah file in subdir2/ in addition to the one in subdir3/.

William Xu wrote:
Unknown <address@hidden> writes:

Textmate has a very nice file-opening and switching command mapped to
Apple-T which allows a "fuzzy" string to be entered to so the user can
switch to a file which may or may not have been opened yet.  For
example, type "elp" and files in the "project" such as "elephant" and
"elope" will both show up as possible matches.  Is there something
similar for emacs?

Sure! Try ido-mode. Also, you may like to enable flex matching for your

,----[ C-h v ido-enable-flex-matching RET ]
| ido-enable-flex-matching is a variable defined in `ido.el'.
| Its value is nil
| | | Documentation:
| *Non-nil means that `ido' will do flexible string matching.
| Flexible matching means that if the entered string does not
| match any item, any item containing the entered characters
| in the given sequence will match.
| | You can customize this variable. | | [back]

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