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dired copy marked files in xterm

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: dired copy marked files in xterm
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 20:26:22 +0100
User-agent: slrn/ (Debian)


    I would like to use the system 'cp' function in an xterm
    to copy marked files in dired.
    Right now, this small function works with the current

(defun tacopybackground(var1)
       (call-process-shell-command (concat "xterm -e 'cp -R 
"(dired-get-filename)" " (dired-dwim-target-directory) " &'"))

    but obviously it needs some kind of loop or different
    approach for marked files!?:

       (call-process-shell-command (concat "xterm -e 'cp -R 
"(dired-get-marked-files)" " (dired-dwim-target-directory) " &'"))

    Does anyone have an idea or any suggestion? At the end I
    would actually use a similar command to transfer several
    large (up to 2-3GB) files to an remote machine using
    scp. Tramp is unfortunately to slow...


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