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Re: gud : Phase error in gdb-pre-prompt (got pre-emacs)

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gud : Phase error in gdb-pre-prompt (got pre-emacs)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 12:22:17 +1200

 > But what I would like to have is this: When I start gdb now (M-x gdb), I
 > get the gdb command line with a suggestion of the file to debug (which is,
 > in my case, always wrong):
 > gdb --annotate=3 filename.cpp
 >  So I have to delete the "filename.cpp" and hit enter.
 > Is it possible to suppress this filename so that I can immediately hit
 > enter ? This would already help a lot...

Your situation is somewhat unusual so I'm not planning to accomodate this in
Emacs.  However, it's quite easy for you to patch gud.el like below.


--- gud.el      13 Jun 2008 09:07:24 +1200      1.155
+++ gud.el      03 Jul 2008 12:16:09 +1200      
@@ -694,16 +694,7 @@ The option \"--fullname\" must be includ
      (format "Run %s (like this): " minor-mode)
      (or (car-safe (symbol-value hist-sym))
-        (concat (or cmd-name (symbol-name minor-mode))
-                " "
-                (or init
-                    (let ((file nil))
-                      (dolist (f (directory-files default-directory) file)
-                        (if (and (file-executable-p f)
-                                 (not (file-directory-p f))
-                                 (or (not file)
-                                     (file-newer-than-file-p f file)))
-                            (setq file f)))))))
+        (concat (or cmd-name (symbol-name minor-mode)) " " (or init)))
      gud-minibuffer-local-map nil

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