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Re: gud : Phase error in gdb-pre-prompt (got pre-emacs)

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gud : Phase error in gdb-pre-prompt (got pre-emacs)
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 21:19:55 +1200

 > >  > Yes probably, I'm using a gdb patched by a third party but don't know
 > >  > and can't figure out what has been patched...
 > >
 > > Then the patch may change behaviour in other ways.  I suspect that it's
 > > not issuing some of the prompt annotations.  A distributed patched gdb is
 > > covered by GPL so presumably you have access to the source code.  What
 > > version of gdb is itbased on? and who are the third party?
 > >
 > GNU gdb STMicroelectronics/Linux Base 6.5-24 [build Oct 24 2007]
 > coming from

OK.  In that case it might be a good idea to try the mode in the package gdb-mi
at ELPA ( which uses GDB/MI instead of annotations.  If
you are familiar with Emacs, this is very straightforward to install/uninstall.
This will replace the current mode, anyway, as annotations are being
deprecated.  Also I know that there are at least two people (Denis Pilat and
Andrew Stubbs) from STMicroelectronics who have been active on the GDB mailing
list and who have contributed to GDB/MI. If this works for you please report
back to this list.

 > > It's a different mode.  With M-x gdb, if you use "gdb --fullname" instead 
 > > of
 > > "gdb --annotate=3" with Emacs 22.x it should work as before.  With Emacs 
 > > 23,
 > > i.e. Emacs in CVS, you have to use M-x gud-gdb
 > hmm:
 > sh4-linux-gdb: unrecognized option '--fullname'

You could try '--annotations=1' which is an alias for '--fullname' but it looks
like this version might not support it anyway.


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