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Re: gdb with tramp problem

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gdb with tramp problem
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 11:47:00 +1200

 > I did as you said, and I now get the correct buffer for the remote source 
 > interacting with gud. I can set breakpoints in the source buffer and the red
 > dot appears in the margin. However, there is no indication of the current 
 > line of execution, even when I step (C-x C-a C-n) from within the source 
 > buffer.
 > Also I dont see any tooltips after setting gud-tooltip-mode (I have checked 
 > gud-tooltip-modes to ensure c-mode is included).

When I tried it using Emacs from CVS `C-x C-a C-n' worked but gud-tooltip-mode
gave an error when Emacs tried to display a source file.  I've corrected that
error now.

I suspect there's still comething wrong with your setup.  Since Emacs 22
includes Tramp, I don't know why you can't delete the version that you appear
to have downloaded seaparately and just compile Emacs 22.2 normally.  I think
this would solve the problem when stepping.  You would still need Emacs from
CVS for GUD tooltips to work, of course.


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