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RE: What completion mechanisms are you using?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: What completion mechanisms are you using?
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 16:24:07 -0800

> > Again an example of ido's behaviour:
> > find file: a{ aa.txt | aac.txt | b.txt}
> > If i now hit Backspace i get
> > find file: /tmp/{ aa.txt | aac.txt | b.txt}
> > If i now hit backspace again i get
> > find file: /{ $list of files}
> > 
> > Is this possible with a keybinding?
> That's already the same in Icicles - no need to change any 
> key bindings. That's just incremental completion - see above.
> That simply shows the completion candidates that correspond 
> to whatever is currently in the minibuffer. If the minibuffer
> has `/tmp/' as content, then the candidates are the files in
> directory `/tmp/'.

I should have also mentioned that `C-backspace' removes the last directory
component (and any partial file name) from your minibuffer input, then

So either of these removes everything except /titi/foo/ and then shows the
completions for /titi/foo/:

 File or directory: /titi/foo/bar/toto  C-backspace
 Find or directory: /titi/foo/bar/  C-backspace

The main answer here is still that this is just incremental completion, but yes,
there is a one-key equivalent to Ido's `backspace' in Icicles, for file-name
completion. (`backspace' itself is used for editing, as I mentioned).

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