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Re: usability problem of emacs describe-mode

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: usability problem of emacs describe-mode
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 10:46:28 +0100
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Xah Lee <address@hidden> writes:

> Richard Stallman, from my interaction with him in the past 2 years,
> and some reading of his post in emacs dev, i'm starting to find him
> very annoying. It appears to me, he's been sitting on his fat ass,
> completely out of touch as a coder for at least 10 years, have
> basically no knowledge of modern languages and technologies, but
> pushes and dictates his politics.
> The FSF's insistence of signing of legal paper to accept code
> contribution is one huge obstacle too, for whatever good or bad
> reasons they need to do it.
> ... the more i look into the emacs improvement issue, the more i start
> to think forking is almost the only way.

There have been forks, and they usually turned out to be single-person
projects.  Feel free to do your own fork.  However, you should not
expect other people to join.

Whatever you may think of Richard's people skills (and he does not
regard them all too highly himself), yours are much worse.  You come
across as a pompous ass, rude, impolite and non-cooperative rather than
merely headstrong, and you have no significant vision or record (in
particularly with Emacs coding) to show that could compensate for that.

David Kastrup

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