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Re: usability problem of emacs describe-mode

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Re: usability problem of emacs describe-mode
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 15:56:34 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi, Xah!

In comp.emacs Xah Lee <address@hidden> wrote:

> Richard Stallman, from my interaction with him in the past 2 years,
> and some reading of his post in emacs dev, i'm starting to find him
> very annoying.

Don't worry about it.  People have been finding RMS very annoying for
several decades.  ;-)

> It appears to me, he's been sitting on his fat ass, completely out of
> touch as a coder for at least 10 years, have basically no knowledge of
> modern languages and technologies, but pushes and dictates his
> politics.

Well, he has this habit of being right about things, sometimes years
before most people are even aware of them.

> The FSF's insistence of signing of legal paper to accept code
> contribution is one huge obstacle too, for whatever good or bad reasons
> they need to do it.

It's irritating, yes, but hardly a huge obstacle.  It's necessary
because, under USA law (so I'm told), a copyright lawsuit can only
proceed with the active involvement of all copyright holders.  The
advantage, from your point of view, is that anytime anybody violates the
copyright of your code, you've got the legal resources of the FSF to
back you up.

> The guy who wrote aquaemacs emacs, from the few exchange .....
> i don't find him much of a respectable person.

[ .... ]

> (it goddamn pains me that each time i need to mention his [somebody
> else's] name and find the correct spelling, i have to go to my own
> emacs page because he almost ****ing make it a point not to stick out
> his name as authorship where he SHOULD, as a matter of publishing
> ethic. (he probably think it is a modesty. LOL my ****ing ass.))

[ .... ]

> frequently, whenever i use some open source software, often am amazed
> at what kind absolute idiot created the user interface.

Looks like you're having a bad day.  Cheer up, and think of that tiny
minority of free software hackers who actually do a passable job.  ;-)

>  Xah

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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