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Re: News server access from Gnus

From: Sean Sieger
Subject: Re: News server access from Gnus
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 09:23:29 -0400
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prad <address@hidden> writes:

    however, i'm only seeing these groups:
           *: alt.test 
           *: alt.config 
           *: news.announce.newusers 
           *: news.groups.questions 
           *: gnu.emacs.gnus 
           6: nndoc+gnus-help:gnus-help 

    in the last item there is a thread:
    Where are all the groups, then?

In the *Group* buffer, do `A A'.  It sounds like you need to read a Gnus

    > the contents of the archive to do C-s and
    > C-r on to my hearts content.
    this will search the article contents while you are in the headers
    buffer? i could only search the titles.

Poster's names and subject lines, right?  Often I do that just to find
answers to questions I have asked and forgotten the answers to.
Sometimes I use the two to find the name of a poster that I remember
saying a certain something.  And it's just a great way to browse
archives from the application that I live in---everything else bugs me,
including browsers, but when in Rome ...

    thank you sean and michael for explaining the benefits. i'll keep at it.

You're welcome.  Sorry I cannot be of more help; Gnus is pretty big and
I use it for such a comparatively small purpose.  It does so much and
what I have it do for me is so narrow but so perfect.

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