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Re: Why can't I use xargs emacs?

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: Why can't I use xargs emacs?
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 03:19:18 +0000 (UTC)

In article <address@hidden>,
hymie! <address@hidden> wrote:
>In our last episode, the evil Dr. Lacto had captured our hero,
>  Adam Funk <address@hidden>, who said:
>>The emacs command can take a list of filename arguments, so why can't
>>I get xargs to work with it?
>>$ find -name '*.txt' |xargs emacs -nw
>>emacs: standard input is not a tty
>Are you missing the . in your find command on purpose?
>What's wrong with
>emacs -nw `find  . -name '*.txt'`
>--hymie!    address@hidden

Am puzzled.

Before the above answer, you're running emacs once per file.

I'd imagine it takes FAR more time to get an emacs run going
that whatever you're going to do to that single file once
emacs is running.

My question: exactly what are you doing to or with that
file inside emacs?

Whatever that is, will you be doing it via your own fingers --
you know, editing, etc.

Or will emacs automatically run some (emacs) script on it --
the same script on each file ie on each emacs-run?

Unless emacs is doing something that only emacs can do
that eg vim etc cannot do, seems to me that you're using
a sledgehammer -- nay, a piledriver -- to kill an ant.

I don't know about what others do, but when I run emacs,
I typically run it ONCE, and then "live" inside it for
an hour, a day, or more likely for several days, until
I take down the computer.

So, please, just what are you doing WITHIN emacs -- ie,
once it's read in one of those many files you're dealing with?




FYI: If you want to run emacs on windows, run "NTemacs" (google
it); in my experience, it works VASTLY better than the regular
emacs compiled for windows.

In fact, with ntemacs, I can't tell the difference between when
I'm using it on windows (xp) or solaris (sparc).

Oh, the "nt" prefix.  My guess is that windows was so
crappy until finally MS came out with NT, so they named
emacs for that NTemacs, and the name remained for 2k, xp, etc.


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