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Re: ERC through a gateway

From: Daniel Pittman
Subject: Re: ERC through a gateway
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 23:59:37 +1000
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.1 (gnu/linux) (J. David Boyd) writes:
> (Paulo J. Matos) writes:
>> I can only access irc in my company through a gateway. How can I setup erc
>> to recognize the gateway? Or if I can't setup erc directly, is there a way
>> I can setup machine to direct erc requests through the gateway?
> I would dearly love to know how to do this as well.  My company blocks IRC,
> and I miss it.

;; Because this is all I really ever use...
(setq erc-server-connect-function #'dp/erc-connect-smartly)

(defun dp/erc-connect-smartly (name buffer host port)
  "Establish a connection via SSH, for home, or directly, for normal IRC,
which allows me to nicely support multiple concurrent connections."
  (if (string-match "rimspace\.net$" host)
      (dp/erc-via-ssh-and-netcat name buffer host port)
    (open-network-stream name buffer host port)))

(defun dp/erc-via-ssh-and-netcat (name buffer host port)
  "Establish a connection via ssh and netcat on the destination host"
  (let ((process-connection-type nil)
        (command (list "/usr/bin/ssh" host "nc" "-q" "1" host (int-to-string 
    (apply 'start-process name buffer command)))

These days I would use the -W option to very recent OpenSSH, but this did the
job back in the day.

Obviously, season to taste for your own connection style, or write a suitable
replacement for the third function, drop the second, etc...

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