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Re: buffer management in emacs

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: Re: buffer management in emacs
Date: Thu, 06 May 2010 11:34:02 -0400
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Xah Lee <> writes:

> On May 5, 6:51 am, Tyler Smith <> wrote:
>> Xah Lee <> writes:
>> > The emacs buffer management problem really has to do with emacs's lack
>> > of closing file command. There's kill-file, but it requires you to
>> > confirm, even a saved file. Plus, there's no keyboard shortcut for it.
>> > So, this tends to get people to leave behind lots of opened files.
>> Isn't 'C-x k' (kill-buffer) basically a file closing command? It doesn't
>> require confirmation for files that are already saved, and the file that
>> the buffer was visiting is then removed from the buffer list. Or am I
>> misunderstanding what you mean by 'close file'.
>> Also, I can't find kill-file on my emacs (GNU Emacs, did you
>> mean kill-buffer to begin with?
>> Tyler
> sorry, been sloppy.
> yes i meant kill-buffer (shortcut C-x k)
> when you call kill-buffer, it prompts you, even for a saved file. More
> specifically, it prompts you which buffer you want to kill. It does
> not simply close the current buffer.

Ah! I understand now. It does actually ask for confirmation of which
buffer you want to kill, but if you just hit return, the default is to
close the current buffer. So the sequence 'C-x k <return>' will kill the
current buffer. I don't even notice that I'm pressing <return> anymore,
since I never use this function to kill buffers other than the current



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