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Re: buffer management in emacs

From: .Martin.
Subject: Re: buffer management in emacs
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 15:45:16 -0000
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Claudius Hubig <> writes:

> (.Martin.) wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>1. Is there any way of temporarily bookimaring buffers so that I can switch
>>between them more efficiently? Gnus itself has a good few buffers (of
>>which I only use the main one where groups are listed), then
>>when I open a few messages the buffers usually stay. I usually switch
>>between buffers by C-x and right/left arrows. I bet there's a much
>>better way of doing it.
>>I know of C-x b, but then I have to press TAB to list buffers and do
>>autocompletion. How do you switch between buffers?
> I'm sorry to be unable to provide you with a better option, just an idea:
> Would it be "somehow" possible to bind Alt+{1,…,9} to switch to the
> first, second, third buffer?
> C-x C-b shows that the buffers do have numbers and using Alt+:num: to
> switch tabs within other applications is often used.
> Best regards,
> Claudius

Thanks for your reply. Alt+1,2, etc is already used by an XFCE terminal
emulator which I'm using (The windows key could do it - I'm not sure how
i'd bind it, though)

Does it mean that nobody alse has problems with it? I mean either I'm
misusing something unnecesarily ending up with 10-20 buffers (gnus,
slime, notes) or it's normal, however, not really annoying for most
emacs users:)

What say you?:)



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