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Automatically close completions buffer of shell mode.

From: Dmitriy Igrishin
Subject: Automatically close completions buffer of shell mode.
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 13:16:28 +0400

Dear community,

Is there are way to make Emacs to close the *Completions* buffer
automatically after sending the line as input in a shell mode?
E.g., in a shell mode I type
  cd s<TAB>
Emacs shows me the all filenames which begins with 's' in
*Completions* buffer. If I type 'rc/'<RET> then, so the complete
input will
  cd src/<RET>
I've successfully change the current directory in the shell, but
*Completions* buffer will remains.
When I visit a file via C-x C-f Emacs automatically close *Completions*
buffer if it was shown by <TAB>.
Is it possible to make Emacs automatically close *Completions* buffer,
of the shell mode in a such way?


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