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RE: A "smaller" dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: A "smaller" dired
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 09:40:16 -0700

> By the way, interesting the auto-resizing of windows, how do you do it
> more or less?

I auto-resize Emacs frames (window-mgr windows), not Emacs windows.

> But can I ask why you want a different frame for every buffer?
> Were you not satisfied by windows management in only one buffer?
> Maybe the window manager is smarter? (mm on windows it would 
> be strange)

I don't understand some of those questions (dunno what mm is etc.).

I use Emacs frames the way most people use Emacs windows.

I do often reuse frames for different buffers (I don't dedicate all windows as
some people do - e.g. Stefan Monnier).  And I do sometimes (not often) split a
window, using more than one in a frame.

Using Emacs windows instead of frames is essentially like using a tiling window
manager.  I prefer separate frames that I can place anywhere and that I can fit
to their buffers so I don't waste screen real estate.

I have key bindings for moving frames about and resizing frames.

I also use thumbnail frames for iconifying.

These are like desktop icons, but they are fully functioning (though tiny)
frames.  Instead of just names as icons, stacked in the Windows taskbar, the
icons I use are placed on the desktop (in an ordered way, by default), and I can
see not only the buffer names but the buffer contents.  And I can use that
content even though it is tiny.  It's a great way to save real estate and yet
see multiple buffers in an overall way, monitor the accumulating output of a
process, etc.

The number of frames that I want iconified corresponds well with the amount of
desktop real estate I use for thumbnail frames.  At any time I of course have
many additional buffers open that are not visible in any frame (thumbnail or
otherwise).  And I can also iconify a frame normally (different keystroke), but
I rarely do that.

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