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Re: Make a "general" Emacs configuration

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: Make a "general" Emacs configuration
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 10:55:38 +0200
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Tim Visher <> writes:
>     $ cd path/to/submodule/root
>     $ cat > .gitignore
>     *.elc
>     C-d
> That should get rid of the untracked content in your submodule in the
> case of byte compilation.

Now I don't see them but still the submodules are marked as dirty.
Not a big deal anyway...
> If you're planning on modifying anything about the project, then the
> accepted way to do this in git would be to set up your own fork of the
> project to enable you to share patches and to update your own copy of
> it.  Also, you'll need a commit at which to point your submodule and
> if you're going to change the submodule there's no guarantee that the
> original author will accept them so you'll need a central place to
> keep those commits.

Yes that's the point, if I
- commit something
- can't merge because of some conflicts
- the patch not accepted

Then I'm done...
I didn't want to fork all those project but they're not so many in the
end maybe I can live with it...

It's really a pity that some projects still use CVS, why do they hate
themselves so much :D?

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