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Changing $PATH in eshell, in a bash-like behaviour

From: Gabriele Lanaro
Subject: Changing $PATH in eshell, in a bash-like behaviour
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 09:22:51 +0000

I'm trying to add an additional directory to PATH, in order to use python virtual environments (virtualenv).

A virtual environment is a directory that contains different version of various programs/script in its bin directory.

--- virtualenv hello ---
  - hello/bin
   - hello/lib/

The problem here is tat if I add the directory /abs/path/to/hello/bin as the first element of PATH (using getenv/setenv), eshell modifies correctly the variable but doesn't prefer the commands defined in hello/bin, for example:

eshell> which python
eshell> # path modification
eshell> echo $PATH # or getenv PATH
eshell> which python

If i launch the command in another way, using for example shell-command..

M-! which python

So it works in the correct way.

How to make eshell behaving the same way, are there any workaround I can do?

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