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Re: Emacs slow away from home

From: Daniel Pittman
Subject: Re: Emacs slow away from home
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 22:36:33 +1000
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Ron House <> writes:
> On 24/08/10 18:03, Daniel Pittman wrote:
>> Ron House<>  writes:
>>> I have been using emacs on my laptop under linux for a long time, but I have
>>> just noticed that if I open emacs when I am away from home, it takes 
>>> something
>>> like 2 minutes or more to start up.  At home it is a second or two.
>> DNS on your laptop is broken: Emacs is trying to resolve something, probably
>> the FQDN to an address, or the address to an FQDN, that takes that long to
>> time-out.
> Thanks Daniel, I know stuff will break when I go outside the limits of the
> LAN, but as I said, all I use emacs for is to edit files.

Ah, sorry, I wasn't clear: this does not *have* to break when you are outside
your LAN.  My laptop doesn't, for example, which is good.

> My problem is, how do I turn off whatever it is trying to do (since I won't
> be needing the results of its doings anyway)?

Some of these things happen inside glibc, I am afraid, so the answer is
typically "with difficulty".  I don't know specifically what in Emacs is
triggering the behaviour, though.

I would suggest ensuring that your host has an entry in /etc/hosts for the
hostname you use, though, which should reduce the problem.  Alternately, you
could tune down the DNS lookup time.

> As it happens, I was trying to edit the files to get the network going
> elsewhere, and the 2 minute delay each time was really funny, in an annoying
> fashion.

All die.  Oh, the embarrassment. ;)

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