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Re: Could someone give me a hint how to write my own function based on t

From: Lei Wang
Subject: Re: Could someone give me a hint how to write my own function based on tramp?
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2010 20:54:03 +0800

On 9/4/10, Daniel Pittman <> wrote:
> Lei Wang <> writes:
>> I want to write a function for my own use. It is going to be a wraper of
>> an
>> operation sequence, such as, change to root, run some shell and create and
>> open a file. But i even can't find to use which tramp function, and how
>> does
>> tramp start.
> Yeah.  You probably won't find TRAMP much help in writing that, frankly,
> because it does a lot of things that are entirely irrelevant but quite
> complex
> compared to what you want.

Thanks for this information.

> Anyway, it hooks in through the `file-name-handler-alist', and the methods
> `tramp{,completion-}-file-name-handler' which then go ahead and act on the
> path passed by the user.
>> Could anyone give some advices?
> If you define your problem better for us you can likely get better advice.

Ok. Nowadays, when i want to access a crypto partition, i do the
following steps, open a shell, su to root, /sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen,
mount, create a file, edit, save, umount, /sbin/cryptsetup luksClose.
It's very annoying. So i want to make a wrapper function. Of course,
the 2 times  password inputs couldn't be bypassed.

> Regards,
>         Daniel
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