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Re: problem: tramp and CIFS share. cannot get it.

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: problem: tramp and CIFS share. cannot get it.
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 16:21:42 +0200
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Pawel K <> writes:

> Hallo Group Members.


> I am trying to get smb share:
> /smb:some.cifs.machine:/path/to/share/
> so far I debugged following:
> from buffer *debug tramp/smb john%MyDomain@some.cifs.machine*:
>   smbclient //some.cifs.machine/path -U john -W MyDomain -s /dev/null
> (Note that `/to/share' part is truncated.)
> Thus in shell:
> prompt$ smbclient //some.cifs.machine/path -U john -W MyDomain
> gives identical error as encountered in *debug tramp/smb
> john%MyDomain@some.cifs.machine* buffer.
> but, with complete path:
> prompt$ smbclient //some.cifs.machine/path/to/share -U john -W MyDomain
> connection succeeds.

I'm confused. What does "/path/to/share" means? A share is always a
name, without slash or backslash. In your example above, "path" is the
share name.

So you must use "/smb:some.cifs.machine:/share/path/to/file".

> best regards and thank You very much for tramp module,
> Pawel

Best regards, Michael.

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