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Re: Question on splitting windows

From: Vijay Lakshminarayanan
Subject: Re: Question on splitting windows
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 00:00:25 +0530
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Jai Dayal <> writes:

> Yes, but that doesn't have the functionality that C-x 4 b does.  C-x
> 4 b opens a new window with a DIFFERENT (random?) buffer in the new
> window (the point of the thread).  C-x 3 opens with the same buffer
> in the new window.


> >     C-x 3 -> split-window-side-by-side
> >     C-x 2 -> split-window-above-each-other
> >     C-x 1 -> delete-other-windows

When my Emacs frame is small, C-x 4 b etc. split the window
horizontally.  At other times, Emacs splits it vertically.  C-x 2 and
C-x 3 give me explicit control over how I want the windows split.  Once
I've split the display as I place, I use C-x 4 b (or C-x 4 C-o etc) to
open the buffer I want.


Gnus should be more complicated.

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