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Re: Question on splitting windows

From: Alan E. Davis
Subject: Re: Question on splitting windows
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 06:58:19 -0700

I'm out of my element, but years ago  I used a couple of little utilities for switching windows in a console (now I would call it a frame).  Perhaps it could be adapted to side by side windows. 

For the top and bottom version one of the windows would be exaggerated, and the other one shrunk to two or three lines only.   The utilities would either swap the buffers, so the shrunken one would move into the large window, where the cursor was now positioned on the previously shrunken buffer, and visa versa.  This way, two buffers could be kept open in one frame.
The utility I preferred would leave the buffers in the same windows, but move the cursor, and swap the sizes.  

These are simple and effective approaches.  Certainly they could be improved, and perhaps adapted to the current problem.  I would like to use such a utility with Org-mode, to switch back and forth between the agenda buffer and the window where the todo items are following.   Or other purposes.

I'll attach the utility called "flip-flop-and-change-windows."   The utility "swap window-positions" was written by, I think, Steven Gildea, many moons ago.   I apologize for the terminological morass I resorted to above.  At this point, I'm so far away from doing any programming that I haven't had time to sit and think it through.  Hope it's helpful.

Alan Davis

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 1:18 PM, Frederik <> wrote:
>> I agree -- it's quite a good pointer, but splitting horizontally would
>> be even better...
>> Thanks & regards
> You can muck with split-width-threshold and split-height-threshold to
> make behave the way you want.

Jup, that's it. Thanks!

The docstring of `split-window-sensibly' is most helpful:
C-h f split-window-sensibly RET



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