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RE: Avoiding/removing the Async Shell Command buffer

From: Buchs, Kevin
Subject: RE: Avoiding/removing the Async Shell Command buffer
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 10:19:04 -0500

Thanks, Mark. You got me thinking/researching outside of my box and I realized 
that using start-process would allow me to control things more carefully and 
not starting a shell is faster. I just leave the process going, but I let the 
output come to the *Messages* buffer, so no visible changes occur in emacs.

(defun org-doc ()
   "Open PDF for Org Mode. Run process associated to the *Messages* buffer"
   (start-process "org-doc-process" "*Messages*" 
      "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 10.0/Acrobat/Acrobat.exe" 
      (concat custom-dir "/org-7.7/doc/org.pdf")))

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Engineering - SPPDG
507-538-5459  |  |
Mayo Clinic  |  200 1st St. SW  |  Rochester, MN 55905  

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