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Re: Save and load window states

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Save and load window states
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:20:14 +0100
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>> Please comment out the two code lines
>>                 (unless (window-parameter window 'clone-of)
>>                   ;; Make a clone-of parameter.
>>                   (setq list (cons (cons 'clone-of window) list)))
>> in the function `window--state-get-1' and recompile window.el (possibly
>> twice - I'm somewhat confused by Stefan's backquote syntax here).  These
>> lines are currently for internal use only, their absence should not harm
>> you.  If you still see problems, please tell me.
> Unfortunately, that did not work.  Tried it compiled once and twice.
> Same as before.

It works here.  Make sure your file does not contain a `clone-of' entry.
(And note that window.el is preloaded.  So after commenting out these
lines you have to rebuild Emacs if you want it to work right after
starting Emacs.)  If it still doesn't work, send me the file contents.


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