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Re: Gnus: How to simplify file attachments?

From: Marius Hofert
Subject: Re: Gnus: How to simplify file attachments?
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 22:29:13 +0100

Thanks for answering this, I highly appreciate it and look forward to an 

Since I typically attach several documents, I currently switch to dired mode, 
mark the attachments and add them to the current mail (via C-c C-m C-a). 

I really like many features of Gnus, but given the ease of use of modern mail 
programs, I admit that especially attaching documents is far too slow in Gnus. 
In Mac Mail for example, I can simply drag-and-drop documents to a mail to 
attach them -- I don't have to switch buffers, navigate to a folder via the 
minibuffer, hit C-C C-m C-a... If there was a drag-and-drop feature, that would 
be very nice. Just a thought. It would also be fantastic to have such a feature 
for saving attachments (just drag them out of the mail buffer to somewhere). 

A second (not related to this thread anymore but to the use of Gnus as a mail 
program) thought is the following. I typically have one window open all the 
time, running Gnus and checking mails every minute. Assume you have another 
buffer open where you type text. Then, every minute, the minibuffer shows 
"Checking new news...done" and when this is displayed, I can't input text 
anymore. I first have to hit C-g before continuing as normal. Not sure if it is 
possible to make Gnus more work in the background not interfering with work 
done in other buffers, but that would also be good. But I guess this is only a 
Mac problem since under Linux one could run several emacs instances 
independently (and therefore Gnus in a different emacs) [is that true? I don't 
have a linux box to test that].



On 2012-01-04, at 20:52 , Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> Marius Hofert <> writes:
>> I use C-c C-a to attach files (e.g., a pdf file) in Gnus v5.13. I am then 
>> asked:
>> 1) "Content type (default application/pdf):"
>> 2) "One line description:"
>> 3) "Disposition (default attachment):"
>> ... so quite a lot of questions.
> Yeah, that's three questions too many.  I think Message should just
> guess at 1) and 3), and then the user can change it if the user wants
> to.
> 2) should just be removed.
> However, Emacs 24 is in a feature freeze, so that'll have to wait until
> the next development cycle.
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