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Re: (fwd) Re: Trying to use only tabs for indenting c# files - csharp-mo

From: Guido Van Hoecke
Subject: Re: (fwd) Re: Trying to use only tabs for indenting c# files - csharp-mode error?
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 16:22:52 +0100

Hi Óscar,

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 15:26, Óscar Fuentes <> wrote:
> Guido Van Hoecke <> writes:
>>>> The tab-width is 8,
>>>> indent-tabs-mode is t
>>>> and still, it uses spaces to indent, and only two of them.
>>>> So obviously neither tab-width nor indent-tabs-mode are obeyed nor
>>>> respected!
>>>> Please advise,
>>> C# mode is derived from CC Mode, so read the CC Mode manual. :-)
> Alan: there are mentions to cc-mode all around csharp-mode.el. Your name
> is prominently mentioned on the Acknowledgements section too. It would
> be even nicer if CC Mode were capitalized correctly, though. :-)
>>> However, for your specific problem, the variable c-basic-offset needs
>>> to be set to 8. Currently, it looks like it is 2.
>> That was the missing piece of information!
>> With c-basic-offset set to 8, the requested behaviour is obtained.
> The function hook I recommended you to try on a previous message
> activated the "C#" style, which is defined into csharp-mode:
> (defun my-csharp-mode-fn ()
>  (c-set-style "C#")
>  (setq tab-width 4)
>  (setq indent-tabs-mode t))
> (add-hook 'csharp-mode-hook 'my-csharp-mode-fn)
> It sets c-basic-offset to 4. So with that setup you should see tabs
> instead of spaces too. I wonder why you didn't.

Well, on the one hand, c-basic-offset should be 8 for this case, but on the
other hand, emacs complains with "Undefined style: C#" when entering c# mode.

Kind regards,


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