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RE: How to add property for a buffer object

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: How to add property for a buffer object
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:55:06 -0700

> I will probably send the bug, but I some times sort of lack 
> the motivation to report bug to a large project, as I'm not
> sure how long their "TODO" list is, and I'm afraid that once
> it gets into somebody's "TODO" list, chances are that
> it will never be touched :-).

If you never report a bug or enhancement request then it is probably even less
likely that it will be taken care of.

> > There are also other fill commands, which operate on 
> > multiple paragraphs in the region: `fill-region',
> > `fill-individual-paragraphs', and `fill-nonuniform-paragraphs'.
> > When one of them does what you want, you might be
> > able to use it in place of several uses of `M-q'.
> I think you missed my point here. I don't have problem with 
> "M-q", it actually works perfectly. But my problem is that I
> have to hit "M-q" all the time.

I was suggesting that you might be able to just select several paragraphs and
use one of the commands I mentioned, instead of hitting `M-q' for each

> What I'm looking for is something like "refill-mode" so that I 
> don't have to always hit "M-q" while inserting or deleting text
> in the middle of a line. My fingers hurt a lot so I always try
> to hit as less keys as possible.

Why bother to fill immediately?  Why not select all your paragraphs when you're
done editing or at a stopping point, and then use one of the region filling
commands?  That was my suggestion, anyway, FWIW.

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