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Re: How to add property for a buffer object

From: York Zhao
Subject: Re: How to add property for a buffer object
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 21:43:36 -0400

> I was suggesting that you might be able to just select several paragraphs and
> use one of the commands I mentioned, instead of hitting `M-q' for each
> paragraph.

> > What I'm looking for is something like "refill-mode" so that I > don't have
>to always hit "M-q" while inserting or deleting text > in the middle of a line.
>My fingers hurt a lot so I always try > to hit as less keys as possible. Why
>bother to fill immediately? Why not select all your paragraphs when you're done
>editing or at a stopping point, and then use one of the region filling
>commands? That was my suggestion, anyway, FWIW.

Looks at that I actually missed you point :), but on the other hand, you
actually don't have to use any other filling command to fill the selection, at
least in Emacs 24.2, you could use "M-q" (`fill-paragraph') to fill the region
because `fill-paragraph' now checks whether there is an active region,
if so, it will fill the region instead of filling the paragraph. But my problem
is not here, it is that if I insert enough text in the middle of a line, the
current line will be broken into two lines, but unfortunately, not two physical
lines, it just becomes two visual lines, I mean, it is still one line, and
since I'm using Vim key bindings (the wonderful Evil package), if I hit "j" I
will be moving to next physical line not visual line, and I have to hit "gj" if
I want to move to next visual line which is a pain. Maybe I really need to
configure my "Evil" to move visual lines when "j" and "k" are pressed.


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