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disable mouse input

From: Ferdinand
Subject: disable mouse input
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 20:06:56 +0200


I currently try to learn to work with emacs.
But I am really used to work with the mouse (mainly to scroll through 
text-documents and position the cursor).

In emacs this feels a little bit out of place
(especially because I am working on Mac OS and my emacs version has no inertia 

But since I am so used to using the mouse (actually the trackpad) it just 
happens automatically.
Is there any way to disable mouse / trackpad input in emacs?

And, for the emacs professionals here on the list; do you really not use the 
mouse at all?

How do you navigate through a document quickly (to get an overview)?
Or how do you jump to a specific position without the mouse?

thanks for any help and suggestions!

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