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Re: LaTeX-version of the emacs-manual

From: twiki
Subject: Re: LaTeX-version of the emacs-manual
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 03:31:46 -0700 (PDT)
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> So my question was "why do you think the emacs-manual manual 
> on the GNU website is not suitable for printing/ reading?"

Fonts too small make reading unpleasant
and from what I read, with texinfo you can 
only change the font from 10pt to 11pt

> Well, if you are serious about learning Emacs, you can't be 
> serious about the font of the printed manual being a problem.

The readability is important for me!

> Too bad your printer/system does not allow you to print only
> parts of a document!  :)

I wish I could translate parts of the text and to add
considerations, tricks taken from the Internet and more ...
all this before you print!

> Anyway, good luck with the time sink,

I thought it was an easy thing to do ... as well as obvious!

You're right ... looks amazing having to lose so much time!

However, it seems to me reasonable to be able to modify the source
documentation of an open-source program using
a typesetting-language as powerful as LaTeX!

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