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Re: LaTeX-version of the emacs-manual

From: twiki
Subject: Re: LaTeX-version of the emacs-manual
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 05:34:51 -0700 (PDT)
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> Isn't it possible to change the font with plaintex macros?

...quoting from:

Texinfo does not at present have commands to switch
  the font family to use, or more
  general size-changing commands. [...]

> I don't know texinfo, but I'm sure that you only need to learn about
> 10 macros for that...  One hour learning and you're done.

One hour???

- To extract the file from source texinfo TeX?

- To learn how to insert images in a format suitable for TeX?

- To convert my LaTeX / RTF / TXT notes to TeX?

I think it's quite complicated (at least for me)
and at the point of the question is another:

 It is possible to get a file from source texinfo LaTeX?

The procedure I followed was:

   texinfo sources -> makeinfo -> docbook -> Pandoc -> LaTeX

but it did not work! I understand that it is too complicated
as a transformation of formats and so I wanted to see if
you can have a larger and more powerful format (of texinfo)
to work... and to send to print a
===customized version=== of the Emacs manual!


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