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Re: Using lisp code in emacs inside a C program

From: Rivka Miller
Subject: Re: Using lisp code in emacs inside a C program
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 22:08:35 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 25, 8:17 am, Sohail Somani <> wrote:
> On 24/10/2012 11:13 PM, wrote:
> > I would
> > be even willing to put together a small lisp interpreter in C with
> > your help and then bootstrap it using Lisp etc and then dump the
> > binary image after it has computed rest of the higher lisp definitions
> > in primitive lisp and link it to my code in elisp.
> Try is an embeddable Common Lisp.
> It's pretty handy and good at what it says it does.

ECL (ECL for short) uses standard C calling conventions for Lisp
compiled functions, which allows C programs to easily call Lisp
functions and vice versa. No foreign function interface is required:
data can be exchanged between C and Lisp with no need for conversion.

How did ECL achieve this?


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