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Re: auto-fill breaks line too early

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: auto-fill breaks line too early
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 01:27:40 +0000 (UTC)

In article <>,
Michael Heerdegen  <> wrote:
>the doc of `fill-paragraph' reveals the mystery:
>| If `sentence-end-double-space' is non-nil, then period followed by one
>| space does not end a sentence, so don't break a line there.
>The default value is t. So, no, it's not a bug.  Customize
>`sentence-end-double-space' to nil to change the behavior.

So I guess the oft-used M-x delete-trailing-whitespace screws up
any use of M-q?

Emacs is so dwim-intelligent about so many things that it's a
surprise to me that a period (or ! or ?, etc) meant to end a 
sentence line requires two spaces, which is fine in the middle
of a line, would still obtain at the end of a line.

Perhaps in that double-space mode the emacs user could avoid
ending a line with a period UNLESS that period was to mean
"end of sentence".

Like, he'd have to teach himself to never end a line with 
a mid-sentence abbreviation.  And he'd never get into that
mode except by deliberately invoking it, plus when he did
enter that mode a message would flash up warning him about
how NOT to end a line.


Question: do other emacs users find delete-trailing-whitespace

Crazy idea?  Maybe in that two-spaces mode, delete-trailing-whitespace
would know to NOT remove two spaces following a sentence-ender?

A problem, all this.


PS: And oh, yes, I very much like the two-spaces-between-sentences way
of entering and storing text.

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