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RE: auto-fill breaks line too early

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: auto-fill breaks line too early
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 19:05:16 -0800

> So I guess the oft-used M-x delete-trailing-whitespace screws up
> any use of M-q?

Why do you say that?  Did you try it?

> ... it's a surprise to me that a period (or ! or ?, etc)
> meant to end a sentence line requires two spaces, which is
> fine in the middle of a line, would still obtain at the end
> of a line.
> Perhaps in that double-space mode the emacs user could avoid
> ending a line with a period UNLESS that period was to mean
> "end of sentence".
> Like, he'd have to teach himself to never end a line with 
> a mid-sentence abbreviation.  And he'd never get into that
> mode except by deliberately invoking it, plus when he did
> enter that mode a message would flash up warning him about
> how NOT to end a line.

It makes no difference whether a line ends in `.'.  M-q still respects the
two-space rule if `sentence-end-double-space' is non-nil.

Seems like you went to a lot of trouble (mis)interpreting the doc, without
actually trying it.  (Unless of course I misunderstand what you are saying.)

> ---
> Question: do other emacs users find delete-trailing-whitespace
> useful?
> Crazy idea?  Maybe in that two-spaces mode, delete-trailing-whitespace
> would know to NOT remove two spaces following a sentence-ender?
> A problem, all this.
> David
> PS: And oh, yes, I very much like the two-spaces-between-sentences way
> of entering and storing text.

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