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RE: Different behaviour while debugging?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Different behaviour while debugging?
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 08:25:34 -0800

> I inserted 'message calls in every condition-case of 'cond, and the
> *Messages* buffer showed that the correct condition-cases are 
> simply not entered when run in normal mode, but are entered when in 
> debugging mode. 
> I tried `M-x debug-on-entry', and just like with edebug, everything
> works fine as expected. 

Yeah, it happens.  Sorry, I don't have a great suggestion to make.  Try somehow
to narrow the problem down to a smaller code segment, perhaps.

I don't see anything in the code you sent that should be affected by timing,
events, etc. (but I didn't examine it closely).  Perhaps you have something else
going on that involves such things?  Can you try to eliminate all extraneous
stuff that might be in your environment, e.g., start from emacs -Q and use just
the minimal code that you want to test?

Or see what happens when you fiddle some more with things that you suspect might
be affecting the behavior.  IOW, poke it a bit here and there to see what
happens. ;-)

Perhaps someone else has a good suggestion.  Stefan's seems like a good place to

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