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Re: define a keybinding for "find next alternate definition of last tag

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: define a keybinding for "find next alternate definition of last tag specified"
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 01:23:52 +0530
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You can let Emacs define stuff for you.

    (fset 'find-alt-tag
       (lambda (&optional arg) "Keyboard macro." (interactive "p") 
         (kmacro-exec-ring-item (quote ("\256" 0 "%d")) arg)))

    (global-set-key [27 f9] (quote find-alt-tag))

Esc-F9 will find the alternate tag.

I have used kbd macros 
  C-x (  do something C-x )
  C-x C-k n
  M-x insert-kbd-macro 

followed by

    M-x global-set-key RET
    M-x list-command-history RET

For background reading do this.  Note the capital "K"

    C-h K C-x (
    C-h K C-x C-k n

ps: Gnus will truncate a C-u in the find-alt-tag definition above.  But
you have the recipe now, so...

Burkhard Schultheis <> writes:

> Am 27.02.2013 13:36, schrieb Burkhard Schultheis:
>> I want to have a single keystroke for the keystroke sequence C-u m-.
>> (find next alternate definition of last tag specified). as far as I see
>> there is no command associated with this action.
>> How can I define a global key in my .emacs file for this action?
>> Thank you in advance!
> In the meantime I've tried it several ways, last test was:
> (defun find-next-tag ()
>   "Find next tag with TAGS file"
>   ((kdb <C-u>) (kbd <M-.>)))
> (global-set-key [M-f9] 'find-next-tag)
> If a try Alt-F9 I get an error message reading "Wrong type argument:
> commandp, find-next-tag"
> I've tried it with the function names, too, but I got every time the
> same error message.
> What's wrong and how to do it right?
> Regards
> Burkhard


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