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RE: emacsclient: Different --eval for emacs as alternate editor?

From: ronaldo.mercado
Subject: RE: emacsclient: Different --eval for emacs as alternate editor?
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:36:40 +0000

Sorry no direct answer.

I had a somewhat similar problem when trying to call "org-cycle" from a macro. 
I wanted the equivalent behaviour of C-u C-u C-u M-x org-cycle

It did not work when called non interactively. I had a fruitless attempt at 
using call-interactively and ended up digging the source of org-mode to find 
out that under the hood it did an "show-all" which is how I solved my problem.

I'd be glad to know if call-interactively is meant to solve these kind of 

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> On Behalf Of Florian v. Savigny
> Sent: 23 February 2013 14:09
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> Subject: emacsclient: Different --eval for emacs as alternate editor?
> Hi there,
> this is either a question about emacs(client) commandline invocation,
> or one about bookmark.el:
> I have been trying to write menu entries for Fvwm which would call
> either emacsclient or emacs and would take me directy to an Emacs
> bookmark. I have tried the following command line:
> emacsclient -c -a emacs --eval '(bookmark-jump "name")'
> This only works, however, when emacsclient does not have to call emacs
> instead, i.e. only if Emacs is already running and bookmark-alist is
> already set.
> Basically, bookmark-jump is autoloaded, and when you call it when the
> bookmark list has not been loaded yet (e.g. directly after Emacs
> startup), it seems to take care of that when you call it
> *interactively*. It does not do that, however, when called as above.
> Thus, I conclude the trick is somehow buried in the functions used in
> the (interactive ...) form of bookmark-jump, i.e., bookmark-jump does
> not seem to have been designed with non-interactive use in mind.
> I would think it clumsy, to say the least, to pass the following form
> to --eval instead:
> (progn
>   (bookmark-load '~/.emacs.bmk' t) ; t: OVERWRITE
>   (bookmark-jump "name"))
> I would have to overwrite because when emacs is already running, any
> newly loaded bookmarks are normally added to the list, which would
> basically duplicate all the bookmarks (or worse, when this happens
> several times in one session) if I did not use that argument. The
> overwriting, on the other hand, would destroy any new bookmarks. So
> both would be crap.
> The solutions I can think of are to either 1) pass different lisp code
> depending on whether emacs(server) is already running or not. (The
> progn form above.) Is there a standard way of doing this? Or, 2) maybe
> there is some way to tell bookmark-jump to load the default bookmark
> file even when it is called non-interactively?
> Can anybody help?
> Thanks so much!
> Florian

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