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Re: emacsclient, -a emacs, and --eval (rephrased)

From: Jérôme M. Berger
Subject: Re: emacsclient, -a emacs, and --eval (rephrased)
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 19:33:24 +0100
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Florian v. Savigny wrote:
> Encouraged by Ronaldos post, I thought I might rephrase one aspect of
> my problem, hoping this might lead to the (or some) solution:
> When I call
> emacsclient -a emacs --eval "(rmail)"
> Emacs will start up and run rmail if it is started as emacsclient
> (i.e. if emacs and its server are already running). But when started
> as emacs, it starts by opening a new file called "(rmail)".
> This is confusing to me, as the --eval option is documented for both
> emacsclient and emacs, leading me to think both should interpret it in
> the same way.
> This seems basic enough - can anybody explain to me what I am missing
> here? 
> Thanks so much in advance!
        I have the same issue with
emacsclient -a emacs --eval "(raise-frame)"


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