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Re: inconsistent file ordering for remote vs local dired

From: gottlieb
Subject: Re: inconsistent file ordering for remote vs local dired
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 14:45:55 -0400
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On Fri, Nov 01 2013, Michael Albinus wrote:

> writes:
> Hi Allen,
>> My systems run gnu-linux (gentoo) and emacs 24.3.
>> Consider a directory DIR with just two files: lower and Upper.
>>   /bin/ls DIR the files in the order "lower upper".
>>   emacs -Q dired DIR also lists them in the order "lower Upper".
>> But emacs -Q dired /localhost:DIR lists them in the order
>> "Upper lower".
>> How can I make them use the same ordering?
> This is solved in the recent Emacs trunk. You could upgrade to that
> developer version Emacs 24.3.50, or use the latest Tramp release 2.2.8.
> I've tried to find the change which made it happen, but there is no
> obvious one. So I cannot offer you a patch for the builtin Tramp version
> of Emacs 24.3.
>> thanks,
>> allan
> Best regards, Michael.

Thank you.  Presumably 24.4 will have the fix and that is good enough
for me.  Thanks again,

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