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Re: font too small or too big

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: font too small or too big
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 23:17:52 +0800

>>>>> "PD" == Peter Dyballa <> writes:

>> How do I make 20?

PD> This is not your task, the X server will do it. On-the-fly. Just request it!

OK to test it I even tried
# su - nobody #super clean environment
$ HOME=/tmp emacs -fn -sony-fixed-medium-r-normal--48-120-100-100-c-80-iso8859-1
But that acts just like
$ emacs
besides the man page says
              -fn font, --font font
                      Set the Emacs window's font to that specified  by  font.
                      You   will   find   the   various   X   fonts   in   the
                      /usr/lib/X11/fonts directory.
But here on Debian Sid there is no such directory.

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