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Re: Gnus does not see new mail in Maildirs

From: William G. Gardella
Subject: Re: Gnus does not see new mail in Maildirs
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 23:26:19 +0000
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Alexis Praga <> writes:

> Thanks for your explanations, it makes much more sense, especially for
> the Sent folder.
> By using the configuration below, I can finally have new mail in my
> mailbox by hitting "/ N" inside the proper group (Inbox in my case).
> Can this be done from the group list ?  When I hit "g", it's the same
> issue as before, that is, the mail is moved somewhere else.

"g" from the *Group* buffer should Just Work now.  All messages in new/,
and all messages not marked as Seen in cur/, will count towards the group's
Unread count.  If this isn't working yet, it's likely that there is
something else strange going on with your config.

As per the Maildir standard, MTAs/MDAs which are compatible with the
Maildir format deliver to new/, and when flags (for example "Seen") are
appended, the mail is moved from new/ to cur/ with the filename altered
appropriately, e.g. ~/Mail/Inbox/new/[some-maildir-id] becomes
~/Mail/Inbox/cur/[some-maildir-id];S when marked Seen by Gnus.

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