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Help with make install to a non-default directory - Emacs not finding li

From: N. Jackson
Subject: Help with make install to a non-default directory - Emacs not finding lisp files maybe?
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 23:11:00 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.3 (gnu/linux)

address@hidden (N. Jackson) writes:

> W. Greenhouse <address@hidden> writes:
>>> But in 24.3.50 the variable "mm-text-html-renderer" doesn't exist.
>>> In fact I get no completions for any of the variables beginning with
>>> "mm-" (of which there are dozens in Emacs 24.3.1).
>>> So, presumably that explains the no html rendering, but what is the
>>> explanation of the missing "mm-" variables?
>> What does (locate-library "mm-decode") say?
> "/home/nlj/local/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp/gnus/mm-decode.elc"
> I think that's what I would expect, given that I configured with
> "--prefix=/home/nlj/local/".

I'm wondering if I need to do anything in particular to tell Emacs where
its files are after an install to a non-default location.

I feel that I followed the instructions in the INSTALL file carefully,
but I'm seeing signs that Emacs is maybe running with (some) old lisp

I did the following:

$ export DEVHOME=/data/projects/vc/
$ bzr init-repo emacs/
$ cd emacs
$ bzr branch bzr:// trunk
$ cd trunk
$ echo "public_branch = bzr://" >> 
$ bzr bind bzr://
$ ./
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/nlj/local/
$ make bootstrap
$ make 
$ sudo make install

In addition to Emacs not knowing about all the variables beginning in
"mm-", "M-x gnus-version" reports "v5.13", which is same version number 
that I get with my old version of Emacs which hasn't been updated for
months. So I think I'm possibly seeing the old files for gnus, rather
than the new ones in /home/nlj/local/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp/gnus/.

Actually. No. That is not exactly the case. I temporarily renamed that
directory to /home/nlj/local/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp/xx-gnus/ and
restarted Emacs and tried to start Gnus again, and got the error
"command-execute: Cannot open load file: no such file or directory,
gnus", so Emacs _is_ looking in the right place, at least for Gnus, if
not for the mime stuff.

Note that running Emacs directly from the build directory, I see the
same problems (no rendering of html mail, no "mm-" variables), as I do
running it from the installed location.

What else should I look at?

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