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Re: sql-completion.el messing with sql-mysql?

From: Frank Stutzman
Subject: Re: sql-completion.el messing with sql-mysql?
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:10:42 +0000 (UTC)
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Chris Van Dusen <address@hidden> wrote:
> I believe this is because sql-completion.el assumes that MySQL is running on
> localhost.  See the function mysql-shell-query.

Thanks Chris, this looksl like the right path although mysql-shell-query
is defined in mysql.el.  Here is that function in entirity:

;;; query with shell command
(defun mysql-shell-query (sql &optional db)
  (let ((cmd (mapconcat
              (append (append (list mysql-program)
                              ;; -s option inhibit header in output
                              (remove "-s" mysql-options))
                       "-u" mysql-user
                       (and (string< "" mysql-password)
                            (concat "-p" mysql-password))
                       "-e" (format "\"%s\"" sql)))
              " ")))
    (mysql-output-table (shell-command-to-string cmd))))

Staring at this long enough has me convinced that what it is feeding to 
the mysql client is missing a '-h server_name' when it is needed.  The server 
name seems to be kept in the sql-mysql-login-params variable, although I am 
unclear how to extract it from the other parameters.

In further poking about, it seems to me that mysql.el just isn't set up to
handle a remote database at all.  For example, the mysql-connect fuction
is also missing any reference to a server.

I think fixing this is beyond my limited skills.  For my needs, I am going to 
have to abandon the idea of have completion available for my mysql development.

Frank Stutzman

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