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Do I have a correct configuration for auto-complete, auto-indent and yas

From: Jorge Araya Navarro
Subject: Do I have a correct configuration for auto-complete, auto-indent and yasnippet to use the tab key?
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 14:10:15 -0400


I am a happy user of GNU Emacs. So far I have a really good configuration on my 
Emacs, but I have the impression that auto-complete mode, auto-indent mode and 
yasnippet mode are not working together as they should to not enter into 
conflict when the tab key is pressed. For instance, when I'm writing python 
code, I usually press the tab key to auto complete the name of some variable, 
however, Emacs does nothing and if I press the key again it change the 
indentation, and if I press the tab key again, it changes the indentation 
again, and so on. If I write a word like the if statement yasnippet does 
nothing. This not happen for the for loop statement, and def statement though.

I just want to be sure that these three packages can work together as they 
should, in certain order: first auto-complete, then yasnippet and finally 
auto-indent. But I don't know enough elisp to achieve this!

Here are my emacs configuration files:

keys.el (holds the configuration for keybindings):
conf-modes/* (a directory with configuration commands for every mode installed 
on Emacs):
varl.el (filled with load-file commands to load every file on conf-modes/ as 

Any help will be very appreciated!

Pax et bonum.

P.S. Just for the record: is just a cname for :) my emacs conf can be found at

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