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Re: Emacs Package Loading & .emacs ??

From: W . Greenhouse
Subject: Re: Emacs Package Loading & .emacs ??
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 14:42:31 +0000
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David Masterson <address@hidden> writes:

> As mentioned above, if I don't (require 'org) at the right time, then
> the wrong version of org is loaded.  Since org-version is already
> defined, then that means that Org has already been loaded and, so, there
> is no need to reload it.  The only problem is that it is that wrong one.

Indeed, `require' doesn't do anything if a library fitting that feature name
(`provide' form) is already loaded. So there should be nothing magical
about `require' here that would cause it to load the correct org.

>> 2. The correct form would be (require 'org-install) anyway, if you were
>>    manually loading org.
>> 3. If you decide for some reason that you really do need to use
>>    (require 'org-install), you should do this from `after-init-hook'
>>    (which is run at step 17 of (info "(elisp) Startup Summary"), well
>>    after package init), OR you can explicitly (package-initialize) early
>>    in init and (setq package-enable-at-startup nil) to skip step 15.
>>    above. (info "(emacs) Package Installation") details some of the
>>    pros and cons of each approach.
> Hmmm.  I'll have to recheck that.  This goes against the standard way of
> loading Emacs libraries that I've been using for 20+ years! Never needed
> to use after-init-hook before. It's so hard to teach an old dog new
> tricks...

The after-init-hook method works for me. What config did you use?

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