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Re: emacs slow on dired renaming

From: Robert Marshall
Subject: Re: emacs slow on dired renaming
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 10:41:43 +0100
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On Sun, Apr 06 2014, Robert Marshall <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 06 2014, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> From: Robert Marshall <address@hidden>
>>> Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2014 13:39:11 +0100
>>> So it would appear to be either what I'm loading in .emacs.desktop or
>>> what I'm doing after that in that session which causes that symptom to
>>> gradually appear. I've never seen the problem with an emacs session
>>> which lasts less than c 2 hours.
>> I guess the next step is to look in your desktop file.
> First I'm going to try starting an emacs session with the .emacs.desktop
> file loaded and largely leave that session alone (apart from dired
> renames) give it 12 hours and see if the problem appears. If so I'll
> start reducing the desktop, otherwise I'm going to have to look at what I
> do in emacs in the normal session -  I'll compare featurep between the
> desktop left alone session and now. 

That session - which I left sitting there didn't produce the problem.
AFAICT, there appears to be a point where the memory footprint of the bad
emacs session greatly increases (but spotting when it does is still
eluding me)

/proc/$emacspid/status is currently giving me

VmPeak:  2123196 kB
VmSize:  2120600 kB
VmLck:         0 kB
VmPin:         0 kB
VmHWM:   1274504 kB
VmRSS:    983744 kB
VmData:  1373744 kB
VmStk:       156 kB
VmExe:      2184 kB
VmLib:     36492 kB
VmPTE:      2816 kB
VmSwap:   370112 kB

the process is using around 25% of the available memory (4GB) but maybe
the problem is that there isn't more and it's spending its time getting
out of swap?

I've not opened any particularly large buffers since I started this session
(some were opened during startup by the desktop but the largest one
is around 1meg)
Looking at the variables suggested by


do any of these look out of the ordinary for an emacs session which has
been running around 24 hours (having suspended the machine overnight)?

A manual call to garbage-collect returns nil and pure-bytes-used is 88 -
I don't know what this should be but it doesn't look sensible? Maybe a
refresh from bzr and rebuild?

La grenouille songe..dans son ch√Ęteau d'eau

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