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Re: Learning "my emacs" from the start (was: Generating a listing of all

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Learning "my emacs" from the start (was: Generating a listing of all symbols)
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 11:13:12 -0600
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Rusi wrote:
> Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > One significant advantage of using the standard Emacs bindings is that
> > your muscle memory will still be applicable when you need to work on
> > someone else's machine, or even explain to someone else how to solve a
> > problem in their Emacs.  This isn't something to dismiss easily in the
> > long run.

One problem is that the standard emacs keys appear to be changing.  I
like the traditional emacs keys.  But many people prefer CUA mode.
CUA mode drives me crazy.  Much of my .emacs file is to change things
back to traditional settings.

In practice I find that remapping keys like control to capslock is not
a problem.  I set a few custom keys.  I can type at my own keyboard.
I can type at other people's keyboards.  I notice the difference
because I prefer my own mapping but there isn't any problem.  Rather
the same as when I use vi.  I can switch back and forth between vi and
emacs and not have any problems.  I also know people who use native
Dvorak key layouts.  They also claim that they prefer Dvorak but
switch between it and Qwerty without it being a problem.  I can only
imagine this is similar to when people are fluently bi-lingual and can
switch languages without problem.

> I once discovered that a co-worker was very mad at me.
> I then discovered it was because for some reason he had to turn on
> my machine, then he could not turn it off.
> I had flipped CAPSLOCK and Ctrl so Ctrl-Alt-Del stopped being what
>  he thought it was :-) (Windows machine)

CapsLock always becomes control for me too.  I have a label maker.  I
put a sticker "Ctrl" on that key, "ESC" on another.  Problem solved!


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